A novel idea


Founded in 1969, Shpadoinkle Aviation Holdings has had 1 goal only: Take care of our own. After 50 years, we’ve profited and expanded, but still continue our tradition of excellence in bringing all under DKL employment humane wages. We accomplish this by transferring the cost directly to our clients, whether it is lucrative charters at remote places we’ve essentially but not technically monopolized, or whether by providing ordinary flight training to student pilots at extraordinary prices, or whether by negotiating exclusive logistics contracts in deals made with legitimate business-people at 3 AM behind your local diner.

DKL has continuously achieved 5 star employee satisfaction rating in studies conducted by the Employment Bureau for the past 50 years, and whether you are a passenger looking to travel, an aircraft owner looking for service or a law abiding businessperson dealing in legal substances, we invite you all to join in on our revolutionary business model.


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