Shpadoinkle Flight School


Shpadoinkle Flight School provides flight training services to pilots.

Students get the opportunity to not only learn basic flying skills, but Shpadoinkle Flight School also offers the exclusive experiences of – 1. Flying with a full commercial-grade payload level just like the airlines, 2. Flying with minimum fuel with an emphasis on fuel economy just like the airlines, and 3. FAA avoidance tactics like silent running to a night landing into short unlighted grass strips surrounded by high trees etc. just like the airlines.

If we are unable to fill the plane’s usable payload with duffel bags of 170lb mystery meat and other “simulated” payloads, your enrollment agreement states that any student in the vicinity of the airport must backseat the flight at the predetermined rate. Studies show on average Shpadoinkle Flight School private pilot students are likely to survive a total power loss in night IMC conditions in mountainous terrain in a August Tuesday solo flight with only minor nonfatal injuries.