The best scenery

Why are we settling for paying out the ass for hand-crafted payware scenery only available in limited locations, or using flat orthographic scenery / default generic scenery, when we already have the technology for this in google maps:


Of course, that’s boston logan so someone has probably already produced photorealistic scenery for the area. sc

This is from the south coast of massachusetts. Like many obscure locations, nobody has made custom flight sim scenery for it, and nobody ever will until the end of time. Yet google has already produced a perfect 3D replica of it that anyone can browse, for free.


No pax left behind ad campaign?

Kind of a tricky thing for the FSE environment, given that the very idea is a parody of a political thing that people have opinions about. Probably doesn’t help that I used the actual picture instead of recreating it in paint, and while it certainly wasn’t my intention, the imagery of the president hand-flying a miniature airplane, however funny and interesting that would be, does seem like it would have 9/11 (and possibly conspiracy) connotations, yikes!

It sure sucks that we can’t simply have innocent fun. If I do submit this to the FSEreporter for october’s ad, it won’t be the GWB in a classroom version, unfortunately.



Airspeed – Continental United 738 Reg. Gonna put my 1:500 model on display once I move into dorms for the semester (I don’t have a permanent place yet and that scale is the least unportable)

Best field – I don’t even like the Jetta or even VW, just think its a good (pun?)

Checklist – Modified Alabeo (Carenado) reg. Original N9258Z was taken by some helicopter, now it belongs to another Titan

Declare – VH-RFN is my first logbook entry.

In 2013 I participated in an introductory flight program organized by the University of New South Wales, we were high school students from Hong Kong. I was 16 then – old enough that I should have known better, but young enough it shouldn’t look too bad that I didn’t (and fuck off if you disagree).

The UNSW has a fleet of DA-40s for flight training. We would make several flights during our stay – some basic maneuvers, landings, then a few days later we would go on a cross country from Bankstown (YSBK) to Temora (YTEM – where this VFR+AP equipped gem for v$106k happened to be), and see the aviation museum there.

On the morning of the cross-country, we were briefed and I realized that it would be a glorified taxi ride. I thought I came here to fly planes, if I wanted to sit in one being flown by someone else, airline tickets are way cheaper, I argued to our instructor. I think he saw my side, and as we approached Temora he let me have the controls.

Its funny how life works. I gladly put my hands on the controls, and flew the plane like the impaired human being I was. The instructor took back the controls, and I was disappointed with myself. Ashamed and sleepy and dozing off. I shouldn’t have spent the night before playing Faster Than Light into the AMs.

Shpadoinkle West Regroups At San Jose

After the liquidation of assets at Taylor Municipal (KTYL), Greenlee County (KCFT) and Gabbs (KGAB), the employees of Shpadoinkle West put themselves into stasis and were scattered all over the world. After 3 months laying low, the acquisition of FBO facilities at San Jose International (KSJC) triggered a beacon and awakened the slumbering giants, guiding them towards the west coast where they will unite to once again provide excellent service to visiting aircraft. So say we all.

Shpadoinkle Air’s Booking Policy Since 1984

Recently, it has come to our attention that our equal and direct competitor United Airlines (UAL, -999.99%), did some very bad things and mistreated its customers in ways that would make you choose Shpadoinkle Air for your next flight instead. Shpadoinkle Air is proud to announce that in our long and rich history as a silicon valley startup since 1969, we have never participated in the practices of overbooking or involuntary de-boarding.

In 1984 when we discovered overbooking was a thing, we developed a revolutionary customer service policy. At every opportunity, we remind our passengers that: they are our valued customers, some seated passengers were never on the right flight to begin with, and that we were always at peace with Oceania.

Record Breaking Revenue MKII (Monthly Transparency Report)

We do transparency reports because we are ethical, and not because of any exhibitionist tendencies and turn ons associated with exposing our internals that may or may not exist.

In the month of April, Shpadoinkle Aviation Holdings and our hub-ops airline Shpadoinkle Airways flew a combined v$4,033,412 in flight revenue. In addition, our ground crew have provided v$54,443 in services to 3rd party operations, and FBO flight operations totaled 959 across our network.

This means that we’ve improved revenue per operation by about 30%, and that is awesome.