The State of Shpadoinkle

Shpadoinkle Aviation Holdings has been in a period of stagnation/slow decline for a while now.

I’ve achieved almost everything an individual can hope to  achieve in FSE. Some stats:

Aircraft. Shpadoinkle currently owns 12 aircraft, including 2 30+seat turboprop airliners, and 4 aircraft with payware tail numbers.

FBO network. The pride of Shpadoinkle is definitely its expansive FBO network, spanning 49 airports with 3 lot FBOs on ALL 7 continents spaced at sub 3000 mile intervals, with many 3 lot FBOs located at nation/state capitals and other airports with good name recognition. In addition, Shpadoinkle rents passenger terminals at many other major airports to recreate interesting flights.

“Passive” income. Profit-revenue from FBOs pay for about 50% of Shpadoinkle’s monthly operating costs. While this is not top tier by any means, very few FBOs are in the passively profitable top tier.

Active income. From the very beginning, the Shpadoinkle network and various flying procedures were optimized for maximum income per real hour. Over time I have restructured the company for less profitable but more realistic long distance airline-style routes, but a significant portion of the network continues to serve highly profitable flights to this day.

The future. I am definitely considering downsizing and perhaps abandoning some of the rules that shaped the Shpadoinkle network. I have no immediate or specific plans for anything and enough cash reserves to take my time figuring things out. I still make the occasional flight as well.

Internal Memo


I can’t figure out how to send this memo I wrote to just the CSAs working in SJC, I’d appreciate if you could send this out for me thanks. Also, get IT to take a look at my computer, my email looks weird today, did we get a system upgrade? I will try out the tag function



Shpadoinkle West Manager


Notice to our valued customer service employees:

It has been brought to my attention from complaint forms that we’ve formed the bad habit of boarding passengers on the LAX on demand overbook flight by their airline name, such as “now boarding Uniteds”, “we’re still waiting on 3 Southwests” etc. While this is unprofessional on its own, multiple feedback forms contain expressed disapproval specifically regarding yesterday’s announcement asking “The two Virgins on Overbook Flight 1 to Los Angeles please make your way to Gate 31 immediately.”

It caused serious embarrassment to our customers, please review protocol immediately and stop referring to Virgin’s passengers as “virgins”.

Shpadoinkle Aviation Holdings End of Month Report

For the month of April, Shpadoinkle and its subsidiaries did well.

  1. FlyMAF

FlyMAF reported a company profit of $93k and $884k in assignment throughput as its chief pilot completely disobeyed company policy that bans landing anywhere other than KMAF and KHRL. FBO operations number at 100.


As a major airport, KSJC has always been one of Shpadoinkle’s focus airports for developing traffic and for this month, we achieved 99 flight operations. On the bright side, our 12 month average is now… 69


As our hub in east Asia, VHSK reported 86 operations – the highest in 12 months.


Traffic at our Quebec hub dropped to 54.

5. Transcontinental 3000 mile ferry network

I doubt anyone used it, but its still cool to have and I’m never gonna give it up.

6. FBO sales

Many properties in the US Northeast have been liquidated due to falling into disuse. I am confident a buyer will be found for KWAY, yet RCGM remains difficult to sell without incurring massive losses.

7. Aircraft acquisition

Shpadoinkle has acquired a new DC3 (what is this – our third?). Unlike previous DC3s, we plan to keep this one, & at our Iraq hub, where we have sufficient jobs available to achieve a relatively high load factor.

8. 2 FBO networks

Activity at ETNG-LFQJ was low due to an unreliable aircraft delivery contractor. The Challenger 300 is now stationed there. Activity also dipped at our 3 lot 2 FBO networks of OERYxOEPS, FYWHxFYGB, and OEHRxOEJB.


We are disappointed that the facility owners at YPPH have decided to change the configuration of their facilities. We will continue to offer flights YGEL to YPPH as I am a big fan of real life airline routes (hence the SJC-RNO/SJC-LAX connections)

10. Misc/small FBOs

They are what they are, I don’t expect them to perform well, they are cute to have.

11. Shpadionkle Aviation Holdings

I did $2.6M worth of jobs for the Shpadoinkle mainline, translating to far less in profits while frequently maxing out hours. Its not the most profitable use of my hours but I like longer flights which are a more realistic use of aircraft anyway (not that we don’t have extremely short routes

12. Performance at our rented facility hosts

Were good enough. No reason to evict us.

13. Performance at our destinations

KLAX had less pax, VMMC remained steady, YPPH activity increased (which explains it)

14. FBO income?

Negligible/loss. Shush.