The State of Shpadoinkle

Shpadoinkle Aviation Holdings has been in a period of stagnation/slow decline for a while now.

I’ve achieved almost everything an individual can hope to  achieve in FSE. Some stats:

Aircraft. Shpadoinkle currently owns 12 aircraft, including 2 30+seat turboprop airliners, and 4 aircraft with payware tail numbers.

FBO network. The pride of Shpadoinkle is definitely its expansive FBO network, spanning 49 airports with 3 lot FBOs on ALL 7 continents spaced at sub 3000 mile intervals, with many 3 lot FBOs located at nation/state capitals and other airports with good name recognition. In addition, Shpadoinkle rents passenger terminals at many other major airports to recreate interesting flights.

“Passive” income. Profit-revenue from FBOs pay for about 50% of Shpadoinkle’s monthly operating costs. While this is not top tier by any means, very few FBOs are in the passively profitable top tier.

Active income. From the very beginning, the Shpadoinkle network and various flying procedures were optimized for maximum income per real hour. Over time I have restructured the company for less profitable but more realistic long distance airline-style routes, but a significant portion of the network continues to serve highly profitable flights to this day.

The future. I am definitely considering downsizing and perhaps abandoning some of the rules that shaped the Shpadoinkle network. I have no immediate or specific plans for anything and enough cash reserves to take my time figuring things out. I still make the occasional flight as well.


The diagnosis

“Give it to me straight, doc.”

“Well sir, your last quantum scan wasn’t so great. Your symptoms correspond perfectly with early signs of information decay disease.”

“C’mon, that’s a mistake.”

“I know how much personally flying Shpadoinkle’s routes means to you, but these flights all over the world were never meant to be piloted by just one person. The side effects of excessive teleporter use are well documented.”

“My 21st century airline needs me, please don’t do this.”

“The galactic federation’s health insurance policy does not exempt you from responsibility. If you continue to hurt yourself like this despite repeated warnings, you’re on your own.”

Seeing the pilot’s look of despair, the doctor quickly added:

“Unless… you take a month off from teleporting. You know, give yourself some time to heal. Have some fun. Shpadoinkle will be fine without you micromanaging everything.”

“That’s a great idea, doc. And I just happened to come across an alright trade a plane deal on a Piper Arrow in Alabama, so I guess I’ll start my teleportation-free month there. Beam me down, Scotty!”