A student pilot during his first solo

Cessna 172 – The workhorse of aviation’s trainer fleet, and we also have one. Ours is always weighed down by realistic payloads and company policy mandates a realistic cross country hop every flight in order to provide more realistic training to our student pilots.

Normal Refueling Operations

Cessna Caravan – “Is that single engine safe?” is one of our most asked questions before passengers succumb to hypoxic delirium at 20,000ft due to the unpressurized cabin. Efficient, reasonably snappy and boundlessly capable, the caravan does not know the meaning of the word “no”, “unable”, or “redundancy”. Rumors that our caravan is remotely controlled and that the sexy pilot up front is really a blow up doll are greatly exaggerated.

Taking off WIT YO BITCH

Challenger 300 – A powerful private jet that can fly 2 pilots and 8 passengers 3000 miles. We frequently haul completely safe amounts of cargo into completely safe runways in it. Allegedly, ours also has sort of an aftermarket automotive cruise control installed since the original plane doesn’t come with auto-throttle, but that would be illegal and dangerous and wrong and completely pleasantly surprising that it actually worked allegedly.

This plane will tour you a new, uh, place

Cessna 404 – Description 404