Taunton-Boston Regional Airport

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Hearing news that Taunton Municipal Airport (KTAN) received millions of dollars to build an admin building, I kinda got carried away. So here I present my concept for “Taunton-Boston Regional Airport”, a plan for enlarging KTAN into a 14000ft long airport capable of handling some large traffic with perhaps a 12000ft runway. This involves paving over a school to the west (sweet revenge for the runway 30 noise abatement procedure), and paving over ponds to the east.

The airport gets a rectangular loop road. The west, north and east sides will have lower speed limits while the south side would have high speed limits. The west, east and south sides are for airport vehicle access and local traffic. The north side is the main side for passenger traffic: it has roundabouts to keep the highest traffic areas safe, a garage for VIP and long term parking, a cell phone lot for rideshare/private vehicles to wait in. Passengers can walk from the terminal, through a pedestrian bridge, to the garage and a large bus stop which will provide transportation to take passengers to nearby cities/Boston, and perhaps a shuttle to the planned Taunton rail stop that’s been coming soon™ since forever.

In order to facilitate easy access to Boston, a grade separated highway is planned (can be divided 4 lane or super 2) to connect to Route 24, a major freeway that is the most direct route to Boston. 2 southbound exits and 1 northbound on ramp are added to provide some access to local roads for convenience, without too much added cost or disruption to the traffic flow on the connector. This connector also enables taking I-495 in the direction of Providence and Western Massachusetts.

Access by locals is not a priority. People who live near Route 44 or have business there get a shortcut to the 24/495 interchange that would ideally relieve some congestion. 2.8 miles of straight road on the airport’s southern perimeter, if accessible to the public, could become quite a convenient shortcut and a welcome consolation for having the neighborhood bulldozed.

For the airport itself, I’m not too committed to the configuration of taxiways as drawn. The main idea is the runway along the southern edge, the terminal on the northwestern side, and the north eastern side can really be used for anything: matinenance, fuel, flight schools, cargo, hangars etc.

In terms of airspace, it shouldn’t be difficult to add a class D airspace around Boston-Taunton, If the airspace is to be upgraded to a class C, the outer edge would brush up onto Boston, Providence. and New Bedford.

Aside from the massive land taken by the airport itself, there shouldn’t be too many people displaced by this project. The elevation around the airport should be mild enough to be easily flattened for the airport. Noise would probably become a huge issue as hundred ton aircraft takeoff and land. This idea will never become reality for a multitude of reasons but I thought it would be funny.

I’m sure there are more improvements/ enhancements or details that can be added. I’m probably also not the first person to come up with this dumb idea.


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