Shpadoinkle Custom FSE Aircraft Spreadsheet!


This spreadsheet is based on the FSE aircraft datafeeds, with lots of custom derived data useful to FSE pilots and managers!

This spreadsheet adds the following data for you to sort and filter to your heart’s content:

  1. Passenger capacity (Column E, Pax)
  2. Endurance in hours (I, Hrs)
  3. Range in nautical miles (J, nmi)
  4. Running cost only per hour rental price estimate from 0 hours to 1st overhaul (1500 for avgas, 2000 for jet A planes) based on 100hr+overhaul (dry) + fuel costs (wet). Columns L, M. ***Note: costs are based on FBO 0% markup prices. Crew cost is located beside these numbers in column P for convenient addition, NOT included in rental price calculation.
  5. Rental price estimate incorporating running costs as well as aircraft base price spread across 0hrs to 1st overhaul, dry and wet. This accounts for acquisition costs. Columns N, O

Download Shpadoinkle’s Custom FSE Aircraft Spreadsheet Here