Shpadoinkle Acquires Beijing

After years of renting the gates at ZBAA (Beijing Capital), Shpadoinkle has invested millions of FSE bucks to acquire all 3 lots at this airport! The airport does not have much traffic, but the acquisition has the benefits of reducing costs, generating some FBO service sales, and eliminating the risk that the FBO will be sold (Shpadoinkle – Stability you can count on).

There will not be any changes to our routes, but visitors can expect lower prices and better fuel availability and fuel/supply recycling as part of our globally standardized services

Our bean counters tell me that the FBO will pay for itself in 30 years, probably ? Our very old FBO map graphic (from July 2020) has been updated to reflect this change:


The Shpadoinkle FBO Sale

FBO status as of 2/5/2017

Shpadoinkle is restructuring! Yes, we are getting rid of some FBOs at perfectly reasonable prices. $250k sounds like a lot, but these FBOs have all been stocked to last until March 2018, which is much more than you can say for most other FBOs in the $250k price range.

KGAB in Gabbs, Nevada was one of Shpadoinkle’s first acquisitions, but the problem was that its target FBO – KTYL – was 454 nmi away, meaning that the route – while profitable – took its toll in time and running costs. KTYL’s gates have since been redirected to KCFT which is a much more palletable 100nmi away, and as Shpadoinkle has no plans to expand further in the region, its best for Gabbs to find a new owner. Gabbs has a 6000ft runway running east to west and a shorter 3000ft runway crossing it perpendicularly.

LFGK-LFPK were fairly recent acquisitions, bought for a moderate price and saved from closure with an initial supply order. Obviously, being 53 nmi from each other makes them the optimal distance for a profitable recurring route, and while I’m not in as much of a hurry to sell these two due to their usefulness and profitability, I am still putting them on the market because their configuration and location makes them essentially a duplicate of my LFAG-LFQJ route. And BTW, v$50,000 rebate for buying both LFGK and LFPK.