NOTAM: Shpadoinkle Quebec

Experimenting with dru-uhhh-umroll… HUBS

When Shpadoinkle first acquired our Quebec FBOs, our initial strategy was to connect the FBOs with a single line as it was theorized this would result in minimum distance and flights, resulting in maximum profit for a round trip at a network serviced by a single aircraft (as much as the P word can be used on 2 lotters). This is technically still true, unfortunately we soon encountered problems that others who operate lines may have also experienced but are trade secrets so I can’t tell you, as such our Quebec network will undergo restructuring for a hub-and-spoke system centered around Baie-Comeau (CYBC), an airport at the north shore of the St Lawrence River with a luxurious 6000ftx150ft runway and fabulous ILS.

While transitioning to this tried and true system from the stop-by-stop line system will increase flight time and make us look like old fashioned fools instead of the silicon valley startup we are, it will increase our dynamic coverage of the area and synergy and logistics and such, and whether the less immediate benefits actualize is what we are trying to find out.

Keep your eyes peeled for the changes, and in the meantime we invite everyone to Baie-Comeau-ver to CYBC, our new Quebec hub which will be overflowing with jobs in about 5-10 days.


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