The Company Wide Announcement

The following is the transcript of a company wide speech made by Shpadoinkle Aviation’s CEO, that all employees were forced to watch live regardless of time zone:

When I was 5, I told my mom, I said “one day I’m gonna own two 3 lot FBOs in close vicinity to each other in a game called FSeconomy. They won’t be 3 lots due to having a million short runways, and instead they will have proper 10,000ft runways with Cat III ILS and ALSFs on every approach end, with control towers, taxiway lights, and terminal buildings. The FBOs are gonna be situated in a bustling area full of player activity and VATSIM coverage, and in places where I wouldn’t hesitate to fly in real life, and momma, one of these airfields won’t be abandoned and full of craters accordin’ to wikipedia, meaning that it will exist in both 10 year old FSX and in today’s X-Plane for all players to visit.”

That was a childhood dream, and today I am proud to announce that we’ve acquired two 3 lot FBOs within an optimal distance of each other! OK, I’ll admit we didn’t get everything we wanted. But the important thing is that the airports – OR0B and OR0D in FS9/OR31 and ORKK in FSX have long asphalt/concrete runways, are 3 lots with onsite building materials, and we have secured an indefinite high value contract to fly between the two airports so I think we can call that mission accomplished! Now we just need pilots to fly our route that pays about $14,000 in profits per hour long round trip renting system owned aircraft and regenerates daily. In addition, anyone who signs up to transfer there for a local ground position right now will receive a giant incentive package, just type your employee ID in the chat right now, no backsies…


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