Fly with Shpadoinkluber for up to 88% effective pilot pay [cancelled]

NOTE: Planned forum-based job notification system cancelled due to lack of interest


In January 2017, Shpadoinkle Aviation Holdings flew $1.9 million worth of assignments, which translates into $1.4million in pilot earnings if you flew those assignments instead.
In the spirit of the silicon valley startup that we are, we have developed the revolutionary pilot app “Shpadoinkluber” so you can make this money, instead of us.

All sorts of aircraft are available on site at our FBOs: my 172, my Caravan, 350s, ATRs, DC3s, my Challenger 300, any aircraft you bring.

Shpadoinkluber is not in the business of hiring and dispatching: our mission is to facilitate profit for anyone who discovers and flies our routes. Just like our un-named ground based analog, our pilots are considered independent contractors. Payment is instant, you choose your own assignments and you have no obligation to fly other than the drive to accumulate wealth.

We have locations worldwide, and on average,pilots can expect to earn 70% of their assignment value, with pilot pay between $3000 and more than $12000 per flight, and earnings as high as $20000 per flight hour, depending on factors. Your pay is entirely merit based – if your profits exceed 70%, you get to keep it!

Just look at my earnings sheet from the past 2 days!


Think of Shpadoinkle as an agency: you aren’t an employee and don’t get to log your flight as a Shpadoinkle flight (until FSE can offer net profit based sharing), you don’t get to fly our aircraft for “free” (although our rentals are pretty close), and yes you can find our jobs on your own, but unless you are able to see this page, you need us to provide updates in lieu of scrolling through our FBOs one by one yourself.

In addition, participation is representation, if you don’t like something about us (other than our face), you can give us feedback and let us know where or what you would like to fly when it comes time for Shpadoinkle to expand, among other policy issues.

To join, explore what Shpadoinkle has to offer and get readiness status on our routes, CLICK HERE

See you in the skies, pilot!