The Shpadoinkle FBO Sale

FBO status as of 2/5/2017

Shpadoinkle is restructuring! Yes, we are getting rid of some FBOs at perfectly reasonable prices. $250k sounds like a lot, but these FBOs have all been stocked to last until March 2018, which is much more than you can say for most other FBOs in the $250k price range.

KGAB in Gabbs, Nevada was one of Shpadoinkle’s first acquisitions, but the problem was that its target FBO – KTYL – was 454 nmi away, meaning that the route – while profitable – took its toll in time and running costs. KTYL’s gates have since been redirected to KCFT which is a much more palletable 100nmi away, and as Shpadoinkle has no plans to expand further in the region, its best for Gabbs to find a new owner. Gabbs has a 6000ft runway running east to west and a shorter 3000ft runway crossing it perpendicularly.

LFGK-LFPK were fairly recent acquisitions, bought for a moderate price and saved from closure with an initial supply order. Obviously, being 53 nmi from each other makes them the optimal distance for a profitable recurring route, and while I’m not in as much of a hurry to sell these two due to their usefulness and profitability, I am still putting them on the market because their configuration and location makes them essentially a duplicate of my LFAG-LFQJ route. And BTW, v$50,000 rebate for buying both LFGK and LFPK.