Airspeed – Continental United 738 Reg. Gonna put my 1:500 model on display once I move into dorms for the semester (I don’t have a permanent place yet and that scale is the least unportable)

Best field – I don’t even like the Jetta or even VW, just think its a good (pun?)

Checklist – Modified Alabeo (Carenado) reg. Original N9258Z was taken by some helicopter, now it belongs to another Titan

Declare – VH-RFN is my first logbook entry.

In 2013 I participated in an introductory flight program organized by the University of New South Wales, we were high school students from Hong Kong. I was 16 then – old enough that I should have known better, but young enough it shouldn’t look too bad that I didn’t (and fuck off if you disagree).

The UNSW has a fleet of DA-40s for flight training. We would make several flights during our stay – some basic maneuvers, landings, then a few days later we would go on a cross country from Bankstown (YSBK) to Temora (YTEM – where this VFR+AP equipped gem for v$106k happened to be), and see the aviation museum there.

On the morning of the cross-country, we were briefed and I realized that it would be a glorified taxi ride. I thought I came here to fly planes, if I wanted to sit in one being flown by someone else, airline tickets are way cheaper, I argued to our instructor. I think he saw my side, and as we approached Temora he let me have the controls.

Its funny how life works. I gladly put my hands on the controls, and flew the plane like the impaired human being I was. The instructor took back the controls, and I was disappointed with myself. Ashamed and sleepy and dozing off. I shouldn’t have spent the night before playing Faster Than Light into the AMs.