Shpadoinkle Airways

Shpadoinkle Airways is Shpadoinkle’s 85% pilot pay division. Shpadoinkle Airways operates in the Pennsylvania and Northwestern Quebec Network, flying short range flights.


In Pennsylvania, pilots fly distances of 40-153 nmi to 7 destinations, with pay between v$6k- v$3k per flight and income/hour between v$15k and v$5k. In Quebec, pilots fly to 4 destinations, and distances are between 103 and 215 nmi.

Please review company policy before joining:

(note, in case of any discrepancy between policies here and in the forum thread, follow the rules there)

1. Jobs will be “dispatched” entirely automatically – spawned in the group’s assignment queue.
2. Pilots will be required to have on average 6 passengers or more per flight, this ensures minimum profit level
3. The only aircraft pilots are authorized to fly are company-owned aircraft, the only authorized destinations are destinations in the assignment queue/network, pilots may not land elsewhere
4. Pilots can add public jobs to the flight if the destination is in the network
5. It is not required, however Shpadoinkle recommends flying at the maximum speed limited by law, ATC, manufacturer limitations, weather, and physics
6. Pilots must return the aircraft to the hub at the end of your session/shift, and the aircraft must be released if you do not plan to fly it within 1 hour
7. Aircraft shall not be refueled above 300 gallons, and aircraft shall only be fueled by Shpadoinkle’s services.
8. The 100hr checks shall not be completed prematurely, repairs shall not be made unless you intend to fly

Contact licecolon on the forums or request to join here.