Careers at Shpadoinkle Penny

Shpadoinkle Penny is an 8 airport, hub-based network in Pennsylvania serviced by a single (engine and plane) Cessna Caravan.

Coverage of Pennsylvania

Pilot Pay for Shpadoinkle Penny is 85%. Pilots fly distances of 40-153 nmi, with pay between v$6k- v$3k per flight and income/hour between v$15k and v$5k

More traffic than KLGA


  1. Jobs will be “dispatched” entirely automatically – spawned in the group’s assignment queue. Pilots will be required to count at least 12 cumulative jobs going to and from an airport (eg. 4 pax to, 8 pax back) before they can fly them.
  2. The only aircraft pilots are authorized to fly is the company Caravan, the only authorized destinations are destinations in the assignment queue. Pilots must return the aircraft to the hub (KIDI) after every flight, and the aircraft must be released immediately upon flight completion.
  3. Aircraft shall not be fueled above 300 gallons. Aircraft shall only be fueled by Shpadoinkle. There will be no de-fueling. Aircraft shall not take off with less than 50 gallons.
  4. The 100hr checks shall only be completed at or above 100hrs after the last check.
  5. Please start and log your FSE flights on the runway.
  6. Pilots shall not contribute a net negative income to the company – something not easy to do.
  7. Shpadoinkle recommends flying at the maximum speed limited by law, ATC, manufacturer limitations and physics


Pilot Qualifications:

  1. You must read and understand the above rules. This will be verified with 1 scenario-based test question.

To join, contact licecolon on the forums.