Shpadoinkle’s Worldwide Ferry Network


  • Every Marked Stop is a Shpadoinkle Ferry Stop
  • Ferry Stops offer the following: $3.5 100LL, $3.75 Jet A, Bulk Fuel Trading (Buy and Sell), 10000 Gallon Fuel restock threshold, 5% Maintenance Markup, and 5000ft+ runways* (CYIF offers a runway of 4590ft)
  • Shpadoinkle Ferry Stops are located within 3000NM range of 99% of airports in the world.
  • Ferry Legs, indicated by red lines, have a distance of less than 3000 nautical miles per leg
  • Some Ferry Legs provide cost offset passenger assignments to save you money without slowing you down
  • Travel from any Ferry Stop to any Ferry Stop can be achieved in 6 legs or less.
  • If you want to ship crated aircraft, choose our network for your crate and uncrate point!
  • If you ferry aircraft or transport goods and assignments long distances, choose our network for your enroute fuel and maintenance needs!

No pax left behind ad campaign?

Kind of a tricky thing for the FSE environment, given that the very idea is a parody of a political thing that people have opinions about. Probably doesn’t help that I used the actual picture instead of recreating it in paint, and while it certainly wasn’t my intention, the imagery of the president hand-flying a miniature airplane, however funny and interesting that would be, does seem like it would have 9/11 (and possibly conspiracy) connotations, yikes!

It sure sucks that we can’t simply have innocent fun. If I do submit this to the FSEreporter for october’s ad, it won’t be the GWB in a classroom version, unfortunately.