Internal Memo


I can’t figure out how to send this memo I wrote to just the CSAs working in SJC, I’d appreciate if you could send this out for me thanks. Also, get IT to take a look at my computer, my email looks weird today, did we get a system upgrade? I will try out the tag function



Shpadoinkle West Manager


Notice to our valued customer service employees:

It has been brought to my attention from complaint forms that we’ve formed the bad habit of boarding passengers on the LAX on demand overbook flight by their airline name, such as “now boarding Uniteds”, “we’re still waiting on 3 Southwests” etc. While this is unprofessional on its own, multiple feedback forms contain expressed disapproval specifically regarding yesterday’s announcement asking “The two Virgins on Overbook Flight 1 to Los Angeles please make your way to Gate 31 immediately.”

It caused serious embarrassment to our customers, please review protocol immediately and stop referring to Virgin’s passengers as “virgins”.


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