Record breaking revenue (monthly transparency report)

We do transparency reports because we are ethical, and not because of any exhibitionist tendencies and turn ons associated with exposing our internals that may or may not exist.

Though the Month of February conspired against us by arbitrarily skimping on the amount of days in the month, Shpadoinkle nevertheless achieved record profits, and flew $3.01 MILLION worth of assignments in OVER 900.0 FBO operations (and 446 flights according to FSE Reporter, putting Shpadoinkle in the top 10 groups by flights in February), a new high for Shpadoinkle second only to what is induced by substances in our contract shipping manifests:

Rental expenses ($572,708.29)
Assignment income $3,010,386.00
Assignment expenses $0.00
Pilot fees ($2,016,914.00)
Additional crew fees ($33,072.12)
Ground crew fees ($301,038.60)
Booking fees ($199,921.75)
Aircraft operations
Rental income $242,765.69
Refueling 100LL ($353.61)
Refueling JetA ($76,170.69)
Landing fees $0.00
Expenses for maintenance ($12,276.00)
Equipment installation $0.00
Aircraft Ownership fees ($10,621.00)



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